Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Slept

Spin just did a review of Arrested Development's Since The Last Time. I don't know much about the album since I haven't really kept up with where the group has been. Speech did a solo project some years ago to lukewarm reviews and didn't firm up much of a career on his own. Since The Last Time kind of flew under the radar and, from everything I've read up to this post, it was released last year. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical that it'd be even worth giving attention but after a couple of listens it's actually pretty good. They didn't pull a Black Eyed Peas and morph into some ridiculous eye and ear sore of a pop group. The group kept the formula simple and preserved the qualities that made their debut so enjoyable in 92' - tastefully soulful and with subtlely funky undercurrents.

This is the title track from the album and my favorite of the bunch. It's got a fantastic, celebratory feel to it with great lyrics from Speech. I slept in 2006.

Arrested Development - "Since The Last Time"