Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey Day Notes

Some tunes I've been tasking to this Thanksgiving Holiday.

Grant Green: Down Here On The Ground
-For those in the know, you'll recognize the songs intro from ACTQ's "Vibes n Stuff" from Low End Theory. It's hard to choose a favorite Grant Green song but this is the one today. The song was originally recorded by Wes Montgomery but Green's version is far superior. Idris Muhummad's on the drums and it, coupled with Green's melodic play, makes the track a favorite of mine. From his terrific album Alive! on Blue Note.

Juelz Santana: Mic Check
-This track's been on rotation for a while already but I can't keep it off my playlist. I checked for this song on Itunes a while back and that version was a little generic compared to the original featured on his album What The Game's Been Missing! The version on his single's got a weak horn break substituting the originals more anthemic sample. Maybe it took a while for the sample to clear. Regardless, an awesome track. Juelz Santana over these drums is heat for the winter.