Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Mecca Don

I was beginning to wonder when C.L. Smooth was going to put something out. There used to be a rumor of a PR and CL reunion but we're still waiting.

Anyway, now recently signed on to Shaman Work, C.L. finally released a 12" in prelude to an EP set to drop soon.

"Warm Outside"/ "I Can't Help It"- (Shaman Work-2005)

It's unusual listening to C.L. outside of the Pete Rock sound but these two cuts sound pretty damn good. C.L. still has his sharp and distinguished flow and sounds fresher than ever. "Warm Outside" would do better with some Premier-like cuts strewn in rather than the aweful r&b hook. Otherwise, C.L.'s verses are air tight. More enjoyable though is the B-Side's "I Can't Help It". It doesn't live up to PR's legendary use of horns but this track measures up pretty well. The driving horns and bass line are superior and C.L. smothers it with his.

Smooth Bonus:

"Magic Hour" feat. C.L. Smooth from AZ's A.W.O.L.

This is a hidden track from AZ's latest album. Don't really know why it didn't take the place of some of the weaker cuts on from A.W.O.L.'s final track listing but I suppose it's better than not being included at all. I could have sworn Premier did the track but up and comer Mike Lowe cooked this one up. It's cut-and-pasted-up like Primo's "A Million & One Questions", without the piano sprinkles. I like AZ on this one but C.L. absolutely kills it, makes it sound so easy...