Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Great Dat X

There's a steady stream of Hip-Hop sequels on deck to hit the masses. You already heard the Blueprint 3 (Mr. Knowles) and Cuban Linx 2 (the Chef). The War Report 2 (CNN) and Doe or Die 2 (AZ) are coming soon. Who's next?...
Sadat X is poised to drop the sequel to his stellar solo debut Wild Cowboys (you guessed right), Wild Cowboys 2. If this track is any indication of how the rest of the album is going to come together (and it never is with sequels)...holy shit! Tony Touch premiered this on his Shade 45 Tony Toca Tuesdays show the other night.
This is why Pete Rock is my hero - the best, not even a question.
"Turn It Up" - Sadat X feat. Pete Rock
(Seent at Nahright)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is Hip-Hop Criminal Minded?

Check this excellent documentary on the legal/artistic implications of sampling.

PBS stays winning.

(spotted at Miss Info)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


From the absolutely catastrophic earthquake in Haiti to the deaths of Willie Mitchell and Teddy Pendergrass, two of souls undeniable greats, it's definitely been a very somber way to start off 2010.
It's been stormy all week. I haven't seen or experienced wet and windy weather like this in a long time. Thankfully, there's been a slew of new music I've come across so far so I've managed to weather this storm with a calm. Some to consider:
Vampire Weekend: Contra - Not as good as last year's Vampire Weekend but who cares? "Diplomat's Son" is fantastic, in all it's electro-bleepness. Does the description "tropical" make any sense?
Method Man, Ghostface, & Raekwon: "Our Dreams" - Will The Wu Massacre be any good? If it even comes out? This cut isn't what I expected to be the first to leak from their collabo but I'm not complaining. I understand what they're trying to do with the "Ice Cream" approach (minus RZA's icey touch). New Wu is always welcome.
R.I.P. Willie Mitchell - He produced any Al Green album that was good. He was pretty much the Memphis sound behind Al Green's most endearing tunes. He's been sampled a bit too, but you already knew that.
R.I.P. Teddy Pendergrass - I only discovered he was a member of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes after I became familiar with his solo hits. "Turn off the Lights", "Come Go With Me", and "Love T.K.O.", all "syrupy lovesong" classics. But man, his stint with Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes produced this uber-burner (and talk about "syrupy lovesong") - "I Miss You".