Saturday, July 24, 2010

Champion Sounds

It's been a minute but I've got some very quick and random shots to fire:

First off, Robbie's been outdoing himself with his "searching for the perfect remix" posts. Non-stop bangers from Da Beatminerz, Large Pro, Buckwild, and DJ Premier.

I think Jay-Z cameos are a mixed bag but his verse on Drake's "Light Up" is impressive. He's not saying anything new as usual, but I appreciate this line: "Drake, heres how they gon come at you/ With silly rap feuds/ Trying to distract you/ In disguise in the form of a favor..." The beat is a doozy too.

I didn't think I would like Curren$y (anything coming out of the dirty south doesn't do much for me), but his Pilot Talk album is solid - almost entirely produced by Ski Beatz.

Soul Sides, again, consistently delivers the classiest slices of soul/funk/latin treats. His Summer Songs series is back in fully swing as well. Hands dlown, my favorite site.

Angry and his Q&A with the Golden State Warrior's newly acquired shooting (?) guard, Palo Alto's own, Jeremy Lin.