Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The N

OK, so no Primo collabo yet. But this video for "Can't Forget About You" is something to see. The best track from an otherwise underwhelming album. Hip-Hop videos aren't usually this good and they typically don't convey the artists vision very well. It's usually ice grills, rims, the entourage with screw faces and, the staple of all rap videos, tits and asses a-shakin'. But Nas' new video captures not only the sound and feel of the song, but the theme as well. Very tastefully made. The man behind the camera? Chris Robinson. You've probably seen something he's done as he's one of the go-to R&B/ Rap video directors artists call on to throw some visuals together. I only liked the one he did for her. "Can't Forget..." comes in second.

Anyhow, Nas almost redeems himself with this video.

And by the way, Will. I. Am kills it on this production. He doesn't really do anything all that innovative with the "Unforgettable" sample but he puts the thump in it and that's enough. R&B hooks and Hip-Hop tracks are a big no-no in my book but Chrissette Michele does it right. It fits in nicely with the melody of the song without sounding ridiculous like many R&B/Rap collabos tend to be. Will. I. Am = the new Neptunes???

But I still don't know about his Black Eyed Peas. They're just scary man.

Nas feat. Chrissette Michele: "Can't Forget About You"

Bonus: Nas & B.I.G. pass the mic cerca 199?.