Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dilla Day

I can't give you a favorite J-Dilla production cause there's just too many. These two Dilla creations are impeccable. "Love" is off of his second posthumous album The Shining released on BBE shortly after Donuts, Dilla's incredible instrumental record. It's a song that just takes off from jump and lifts you off your feet with it's soaring strings and soulful chorus, "We must be in loooovve". I think Monch should have stuck with what he does best but he chose to take a gospel route with the sing-songy hooks. But the track really isn't about his inclusion. It's all Dilla baby.

"Dollar" comes from Steve Spacek's Space Shift released in 2005. It's got similar characteristics as "Love" although it doesn't possess the same burst of energy. "Let the dollar circulate!" over that horn break is tremendous and I love how the track turns more subdued with the low-key bassline as Spacek's hollow vocals plays contrast. It's almost like Marvin Gaye kicking vintage vocals over a J-Dilla remix - Modern Contemporary Urban Hip-Hop Intergalactic Classic Soul if you will...

J-Dilla feat. Pharoah Monch: "Love"
Steve Spacek: "Dollar"