Friday, November 27, 2009

Post-Turkey Day Notes

**Soulsides' first podcast brings you an excellent assortment of funk instrumentals.
**Method Man feat. Raekwon: "Meth vs. Chef 2" - Not sure where it's from, not sure where it's going to end up (if anywhere). More of a mixtape cut.
**Common feat. John Legend: "Strange Fruit" - Left over from Common's 2007 Finding Forever, produced by Kanye West. Kind of snoozy, but judge for yourself.
**Fashawn feat. Blu: "Samsonite Man" (Produced by Exile) - Excellent cut from start to finish, lyrics to production, this track is fantastic.
**Mick Boogie and Terry Urban bring you 20 years of the one of greatest groups of all time. Not what you'de come expect in that the mix features different artists on interpolated De La cuts. Solid though nonetheless.
**Why is Beach House so good at creating music that sounds like this. It brings your weary mind the instant calm and relaxation it deserves.