Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Chef

What we can count on when it comes to Hip Hop album release dates is that you can't really count on them. It's been a few years now since the Cuban Linx sequel was suppose to drop and Raekwon is confident that it will actually drop this year, tentatively in June. And I use the term "tentatively" very loosely.

CBRAP put up a list a while back on building your own Cuban Linx 2 and dropped a couple of woozies that, in all likelihood, are not going to make the final cut (if a final cut actually exists). I've already heard most of them but there are two cuts that are new to me that I hope will make it on the album.

"Kids That's Rich" - Produced by Pete Rock. Chef puts his lyrical skill and wordplay on major display here. I think a Pete Rock and Raekwon collabo album should be seriously considered by both camps. By the way, Raekwon apparently knows nothing about this track so I think it's going to be on the album with a different title. It's too good to be excluded.

"Blue Eagles" - There's a complete version of this floating around out there somewhere. This is a snippet. If I can't find it I'm hoping it makes the album.