Monday, August 06, 2007

The "Proceed" Drumma

?uestlove is an oasis of musical knowledge. Apart from his musicianship and overall contribution to The Roots ongoing catalog, ?uesto also pens some insightful observations on a variety of subjects. He's a busy guy but has time to document his groups progress via his Myspace page. From their relentless road schedule to whatever he or The Roots are running with at the moment, he somehow gets it up there. His posts are amusing reads. His sense of humor is sharp and he's got some fantastic stories about the business he's engulfed in. If he's feeling really generous, he'll even post some never-heard-before gems. He's got four tracks that didn't make Common's Electric Circus up right now!

This is a cool list I extracted from his page. Only a geeked out music nerd would take interest in idle information like this but it's what I do.

Songs In The Key Of Life (Childhood-Adulthood)

Song You Believe Your Parents Conceived You To: Stay In My Corner by The Dells

Song That Best Makes The Soundtrack of Your Childhood Neighborhood Theme: Lovely Day by Bill Withers

Theme Song To Your Closest Sibling: Reminiscing by Little River Band

The First Album You Ever Purchased: Looking Through The Windows by The Jackson 5ive

The First Single You Ever Purchased: "Dance Wit Me" Rufus And Chaka Khan 45

Album Cover That Scared You In Your Childhood: Why Can't We Be Friends by War/Shame On The World by The Main Ingredient

Song That Scared You In Your Childhood: "If There's Hell Below....We're All Gonna Go (Don't Worry)" by Curtis Mayfield

The TV Theme of Your Childhood: Soul Train 74

Favorite Song From Sesame Street: "Take A Bweath.....Take A Bweath....Smell A Smell Sniff A Sniff Take A Bweath"

Favorite Song From Mister Rodgers Neighborhood: "You Are My Friend You Are Special"

Favorite Song From The Electric Company: "My Name Is Fred....They Call Me Fred...."

What Were You Banned From Listening To In Your Childhood: Anything by Prince

Rock Song That Rocked Ghetto/Ghetto Song That Rocked The Suburbs (as a kid): "Let Em In" Paul McCartney and Wings

Song You First Slow Dragged To: "Good Morning Sunshine" by Brick

First Cassette You Got For Your First Walkman: The Fat Boys

Best Cosby Show Theme: Bobby Mcferrin Theme

Favorite Soundtrack Of Youth: Purple Rain was more a reveloution than "soundtrack"---so imma go with Saturday Night Fever

Song That Played When You Got In Trouble And Grounded At Home: Worst ass beating as a kid ironic for me had Michael W. Smith's "More Power To You" on christian radio

Song That Played When You Thought You Was About To Get Some: "Let's Wait Awhile" video was playing when i thought i was gonna seal the deal. DOH!

Song That Played When You Got Some: "Is It A Crime" Sade

The Theme To Your First Break Up In High School: "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker (last and ONLY time a chick will EVER dump me)---this song was playing and i will forever remember this as the theme from HELL

The First Compact Disc You Ever Brought (not Album/Cassette): Vivid by Living Color/Anthology by Sly And The Family Stone

Album That You Stole From A Friend: The World Is A Ghetto by War (every hip hop producer has a story of a girl's father's record collection they pillaged. you MUST hear Chuck D's story of how he got "The Grunt"

Your Favorite Album You Think Your Friend Stole: Fantastic Vol 1--tariq won't admit it but i KNOW he stole that shit.

If Ever In Car Accident....What Song Was Playing?: "Ironic" Alanis Morrisette (SHUTUP MICHELLE!)

5 Songs You'd Put On A Mixtape For A Potential Love One: 1) "Fall" Miles Davis, 2) "Circle Of Amour" Prince, 3)"Before The Dawn" Patrice Rushen, 4)"We Work The Black Seam" Sting, 5)"Easy Goin Evening (My Mama's Call) Stevie Wonder

Song To Best Describe Your Best Relationship: "6.4=Makeout" by Gary Wilson

Song To Best Describe Your Worst Breakup: "Just To Keep You Satisfied" Marvin Gaye

First Concert You Ever Went To: Besides My Dad? The Jacksons

Magical Concert You Ever Went To: Prince Calling Me From The Audience To Play Drums.

Worst Concert You Ever Went To: Masta Ace at the Troc in 92. His shit was dope. it was the fights that sucked.

Coolest Celeb Ever Met: 3 way tie: Annabella Sciorra is more Bgirl than anyone i know, Flea is the coolest ever, Cyndi Lauper is incredible

Assholish Celeb You Ever Met: Chuck Berry. "I Ain't Signing No Gotdamn Autograph

Godlike Celeb You Ever Met: Prince

The US Weekly "Oh They Just Like Me!" Celeb You Ever Met: Samual L Jackson

Song So Hype You'd Run Your Moms Over With A Trash Truck Going 100 mph: "Welcome To The Terrordome" by Public Enemy

Song That Has The Ability To Make You Cry: "Trying People" by De La Soul

The One Song That Has The Ability To Make You A Kid Again: "Sentimental Lady" by Bob Welch

Song You Are Ashamed To Admit You Love: "I Wish" by Skee Lo

Song/Album That You Have To Gunpoint Others To: Anything by Mars Volta

If You Were To Marry Now What Song Would Be Your Wedding Song?: "Cleo's Apartment" by Marvin Gaye

What Song Best Describes Your Children/Future Children?: "Dat Dere" by Oscar Brown Jr.

Who Killed Music?: Clive Davis

Who Keeps Music Alive For You?: James "J Dilla" Yancey

Song Playing Right Now: "Cool" by The Time