Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Finding Forever In Black Hollywood

First off, the album cover is ridiculous. The sad thing is that someone in his camp let this slide and thought it'd be a good idea. Why?

Finding Forever is better than Be but not his strongest work by any stretch. Pretty much all three tracks I heard prior to the album's release ("The People", "The Game" and "Drivin' Me Wild") were fantastic. I put this in today and couldn't get past "Start The Show". I had it on repeat and couldn't get enough. It's the best track on the album because it's got the whole package. Common slinging verbal fire over the best track Kanye has put together in a while. It's that good. My favorite track hands down.

The rest of the album is fine although I probably won't listen to the Will.I.Am produced "I Want You" again. It's the only song on Finding Forever I don't like. All in all, good work Com (& Kanye).

I would give you a track or two but just go buy the album.

As for Camp Lo's Black Hollywood, a little disappointing. I was expecting more, production-wise, from Ski. "Sweet Claudine" and "Black Hollywood" are effective even in complacency. They're pretty much the standout tracks on this album. I really picked up the album to see what Ski had to offer. Nothing mind blowing here, just serviceable beats that kind of meander along. Now if only I was a fan of Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba, maybe it could've been a more of a pleasant listening experience. I don't know, not many quotables worth noting. Maybe you can get something more informative from him.

"Sweet Claudine"
"Black Hollywood"