Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ghostface is for the ladies!

I really thought this album was going to be terrible. It's not that I mind Ghostface doing R&B tracks coupled with contemporary R&B artists, but the thought of an entire album of them made me want to throw up. And hearing a couple of leaks from the album didn't necessarily help. But the two songs I heard prior to listening to the whole album didn't tell the whole story because I'm liking what the Wizard of Poetry has to offer. I mean, Ghost did say that he was going to do an all R&B album dedicated to the ladies and he definitely followed through. And it doesn't entirely suck either. As a matter of fact, it's vintage Ghostface material here and it's on display in typical Ironman vernacular fashion, if that makes any sense.

Lyrics-wise, Ghost is always going to deliver and that's not what I was really worried about when I first heard he was going through with this. I was more worried about the tracks, the beats, the producers. Most of the producers on this are unfamiliar to me save maybe Sean C & LV (who Ghost has worked with before and who produced some tracks for Jay-Z's American Gangster). Otherwise, never heard of Skymark ("Stay"), Clyde & Harry ("Forever"), Anthony Acid ("She's A Killah"). But the tracks work and, as far as R&B production go, are solid.

Here are couple that really work:

"Let's Stop Playin" feat. John Legend
"Paragraphs of Love" feat. Vaughn Anthony & Estelle