Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Space Oddissee 3000

Oddissee has consistently been churning out quality material for years. I'm a fan of the whole Low Budget collective which includes Oddissee, Kev Brown, Cy Young, Roddy Rod, etc. It's not that they're creating mind blowing material either. It's just consistent, quality beats and rhymes that don't necessarily hit the mark every time. But the sound is coming from a very authentic place and is put on display, albeit under the radar, exceptionally well.

Oddissee is both producer and MC and very apt at wearing both hats. I thinks his production has steadily showed growth and improvement as far as arrangement and diversity of sounds. I hear his influences - Pete Rock, J-Dilla, Premier... But, like his Low Budget co-hort Kev Brown, the sound is distinctly his. As an MC, he's always been impressive. He is hands down the best of his peers.

Let me break down the Oddissee flavors that don't miss:

Kev Brown feat. Phonte & Oddissee: "Beats & Rhymes" - From Kev Brown's excellent I Do What I Do released in 2005 and the first time I ever heard Oddissee. His verse is last of the three and the only one to leave an impression. Phonte delivers but Oddissee closes this track out like a veteran champ.

Oddissee: "Gentrification" - Great production by Kev Brown and the content is more on the reflective side as he speaks about the gentrification of D.C., where he rests his head. From his mixtape Foot In The Door.

J-Live feat. Posdnous & Oddissee: "The Upgrade" - This is probably my favorite Oddissee production. The fact that J-Live brought in Pos of De La Soul to drop a verse was a treat but Oddissee's beat is tremendous. It's the horns kid!

Little Brother feat. Oddissee: "Delusional" - Produced by Oddissee with a lyrical cameo as well. Love the theme and the hook.

Oddissee feat. Buckshot: "Where I Be At" - From Pete Rosenberg Presents: A Rosenberg Oddissee EP. Can't really go wrong with Buckshot over an Oddissee track, especially if that Oddissee track is as flavorous as this one.

The Diamond District: In The Ruff album - Oddissee's trio featuring XO and YU. It's my favorite Hip-Hop album released this year. The beats are reminiscent of 90's eastcoast Hip-Hop, heavy on the drums and kicks. "Streets Won't Let Me Chill" is my anthem right now.