Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Good Revolutions 2006

1. Phoenix: "Long Distance Call"
2. Vast Aire feat. MF Doom: "Super Friendz (Edan Remix)"
3. John Legend: "Again"
4. The Strokes: "Razorblade"
5. Termanology: "Watch How It Go Down"
6. The Roots: "Long Time"
7. Ghostface: "The Champ"
8. The Clipse: "Mr. Me Too"
9. TV On The Radio: "Province"
10. Darondo: "Didn't I"
11. Beirut: "Postcards From Italy"
12. Nas feat. Papoose: "Across The Tracks"
13. Phoenix: "Lost And Found"
14. Band Of Horses: "The First Song"
15. Jack Johnson: "Upside Down"
16. Jay-Z: "Lost One"
17. DJ Shadow feat. Chris James: "You Made It"
18. Cat Power: "The Greatest"
19. The Killers: "When You Were Young"
20. Swan Lake: "All Fires"
21. Lupe Fiasco: "I Gotcha"
22. Masta Killa: "Ringing Bells"
23. Keane: "Nothing In My Way"
24. Band Of Horses: "The Funeral"
25. Pharrell: "Raspy Shit"