Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Game - Doctor's Advocate

I like it.

"Compton" - (Produced by Will. I. Am): The best track.

"Why You Hate The Game" feat. Nas - (Produced by Just Blaze): Nas kills it. Marsha's cool. The Game is, eh. The track is good and could be better if not for clocking in at an unnecessary 9+ minutes.

Scott Storch does very believable Dr. Dre imitations on "Let's Ride" and "Too Much". As a matter of fact, I don't remember hearing imitations this good. "Too Much" is one of the gulliest tracks on this album...AND what's a west coast anthem without a requisite Nate Dogg on the hook?

I began counting how many times Game name drops on this album and lost count. I actually lost count with number of times Dre's name is uttered. But tireless name-dropping aside, this albums quite good. Lyrically, he's still compelling enough to listen to and from time to time he really shines. Unfortunately, he kept the sagging title track on the album where he just sounds like a little bitch. I would recommend that you give it a listen but I wouldn't put you through that. Really, it's pitiful. I only gave it a complete listen on principal because I listen to albums all the way through without FF if I'm gonna put it on blast.